Graduating with Honours from Georgian College’s Advanced Graphic Design Program, Lloyd Arbour began his career as a graphic designer, heading creative design teams for an international book publisher, motivational speaker and marketing firm.
Five years into the corporate world, Lloyd ventured out as a freelancer, working on CD cover designs, corporate branding, poster design and websites for some of Toronto's top firms.
Lloyd then started to refocus his efforts creating his true passion - TABLLOYD. 
This new venture opened the door to a variety of exciting opportunities and projects, catapulting his artistic growth & evolution.
TABLLOYDs art has been featured on numerous television shows such as Suits, The Strain and Spinning Out. 
He was also part of a select group of artists chosen by Microsoft to create and design Gelaskins for their new Surface computer, getting the chance to collaborate on computer design and capability showcasing; all while being featured in their media and stores.
With vision, hard work and an ever growing & impressive portfolio, TABLLOYD was honoured to receive ‘Best Digital Artist’ two years in a row from the Ontario Outdoor Art Exhibition.
He uses software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and various advanced techniques to construct his digital composites. The work uses many layers and bold colours, combined with original photography and graphic elements.
TABLLOYDs style and techniques have evolved and expanded over the course of his career; never satisfied to settle on just one thing. 
Past work experiments with architecture, trains, cartography, blueprints, photography, urban designs and collages. 
Recent works are based on floral compositions juxtaposed against bright colours and shapes. These new works create a sense of growth and progress in this uncertain world, giving a glimpse of hope to a progressive future.
Now working out of Kitchener, Ontario with over 17 years of experience, TABLLOYD is looking to expand his artistic talents and influence within the community. Be sure to check out his merch & print shop, as well as his Instagram page to keep up with all the latest news, pieces and some exciting NFT drops.
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